BRAWL STARS 💎 [10+ brawlers] Warranty + Inactive +🎁

Product: BRAWL STARS 💎 [10+ brawlers] Warranty + Inactive +🎁
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3.27 USD

Accounts are issued within 48 hours after purchase.

After purchase, you get a Brawl Stars account with 10+ brawlers. The data is issued from the mail that is linked to the account. A phone number can be attached to the mail. You can change the password anyway.

Product warranty - 7 days from the date of purchase.

For a positive review after purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a gift:
BRAWL STARS account [100 - 50,000 trophies] is completely free. To do this, leave a good review with the message "Gift", after which you will be contacted to issue an account.

✅ Your account will have at least 10 brawlers.
✅ In 90% of cases, the number of brawlers will be more than 10.
✅ The lowest price on the market.
✅ Account platform - Supercell (Android + IOS).
✅ This randomness often contains legendary, high trophies, skins, passives, gadgets, gems, etc.

Enjoy the shopping! Don't forget to leave your positive review)


Customer reviews

Type Review Date
goodКупил аккаунт, все отлично, жду подарок 🤠164548208522.02.2022 1:21:25
goodПодарок164486331214.02.2022 21:28:32
goodПодарок 164329560627.01.2022 18:00:06
goodПродавец хороший,без обмана163980451218.12.2021 8:15:12
goodСоветую топ163838622501.12.2021 22:17:05
goodкруто попался акк с вольтом 163412849613.10.2021 15:34:56
goodТоп не кидалы покупайте ! Подарок163396029511.10.2021 16:51:35
goodСоветую всем, аккаунт очень крутой, хочу Подарок!163388537710.10.2021 20:02:57
goodПодарок163380712409.10.2021 22:18:44
goodвсё отлично, 1600 кубков, бель и джинн на акке , ПОДАРОК !163247888924.09.2021 13:21:29
goodПодарок!163222902121.09.2021 15:57:01
goodПродавец заменил аккаунт, он рабочий. 162856146010.08.2021 5:11:00
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