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"Random, in which they win"

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🎁🎁🎁 GIFTS:


✅ 5 keys as a gift upon purchase from 15 keys.
✅ 10 keys as a gift upon purchase from 30 keys.
✅ 20 keys as a gift when buying from 50 keys.
✅ 30 keys as a gift when buying from 100 keys.

To do this, contact me through the "correspondence with the seller" on any purchased product.

Each purchase is accompanied by a GIFT. To receive a gift, you need:
1. Leave a positive review with the comment "I want a gift."
2. Within 24 hours you will be sent a random key to activate the game on Steam. (If the gift did not come - write in the "Correspondence with the seller")

🔥🔥🔥 After the purchase you get a promotional code 10% discount on ANY my goods!


- Counter-Strike Complete
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
- Grand Theft Auto V
- HITMAN 2. Gold Edition
- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY
- Mortal Kombat XL
- Rust
- Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
- Dayz
- Far Cry New Dawn
- Dead by Daylight
- Tom Clancy The Division 2
- Escape from Tarkov
- Borderlands 3
- Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
- Resident Evil 3
- Detroit: Become Human
- Cyberpunk 2077
- Doom Eternal
- Red Dead Redemption 2

and other..

📌 Product Information:
✔ You are guaranteed to get a working key \ Gift to activate on Steam
✔ You have the opportunity to get a key \ Gift with an AAA project, or a key to an indie project. It all depends on your luck!
✔ The list of games in the table is not taken from the ceiling, you can really get the game data
✔ Most games without regional restrictions and activated anywhere in the world (RoW / Region Free)
✔ You will always come across a game that is higher than the cost of the Random key, You will always stay in the black!
✔ Many games have collectible cards
✔ In some cases, you will come across Steam Gift, read the activation instructions below

📌 Do not fall out:
✖ DLC, games that are free on Steam
✖ Keys that are cheaper in the Steam store than the price of this product (Steam sale does not count)

📝 Terms of sale:
1. If you get a repeat - replacements in this case is not provided, because the keys fall out in random order.
2. If you got the key \ Gift not to the game you wanted or your PC does not pull the game - there will be no replacement
3. Refund for goods already paid is NO, all keys are 100% working
4. If suddenly the price of the game won will be lower than the cost of the random key (WITHOUT ACCOUNT SALE IN STEAM) - let me know about it on the payment page - I'll throw off another key!

🔴 Leaving negative feedback - you lose the right to this opportunity.

✅ By purchasing this product, you unconditionally accept all the above conditions.
▶ If you do not agree - then please DO NOT PAY for this product! ◀

Additional Information

📝 Instructions on how to activate a key in the Steam service:
1. Start Steam.
2. Log in to your account or create a new one.
3. In the top menu of the Steam window, select the menu item "Games" -> "Activate via Steam"
4. Accept the terms of the agreement and enter the received key
5. Follow the game installation instructions.

Video instructions -

P.S. If the message “You already have this product” appears on activation on Steam, then you already have the game.
The key is still working - you can activate it on any other Steam account.

📝 Instructions on how to activate Gift-a in the Steam service:
1. Go to the Steam website and log in to your account to which you want to activate the game. Steam website -
2. Click on the purchased link of the form****** and click "ACCEPT GIFT"
3. Now choose, add the game to the Library or to the Inventory. To play - you need to add to the Library.
4. If you added to the library - it remains to go through the Steam program on your PC to the same account where you activated the game, and start the installation in the LIBRARY section.

✅ Random Steam Key -


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goodхочу подарок162257771601.06.2021 23:01:56
goodОтличный товар! Окупился!162035852307.05.2021 6:35:23
goodi want key161886519619.04.2021 23:46:36
goodAmaze Frozen - 30руб, выдали другой ключ на игру Iron Sky Retail - цена неизвестна.158712333717.04.2020 14:35:37
goodХочу подарок 158395276511.03.2020 21:52:45
goodВыпала очень классная игра! Хочу подарок.)158024717329.01.2020 0:32:53
goodХочу подарок 157986685624.01.2020 14:54:16
goodхочу подарок!157980537823.01.2020 21:49:38
goodВсе быстро и чётко, благодарю.156536642309.08.2019 19:00:23
goodхочу ключ156523748308.08.2019 7:11:23
goodХочу ключ156523746608.08.2019 7:11:06
goodsword master выпал! мелочь, но приятно! Хочу подарок156519755507.08.2019 20:05:55
goodХочу подарок156469739402.08.2019 1:09:54
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goodхочу подарок156396378724.07.2019 13:23:07
goodnice156380255622.07.2019 16:35:56
goodинцидент исчерпан, спасибо за новый ключ)156335777817.07.2019 13:02:58
goodхочу подарок156243752306.07.2019 21:25:23
goodХочу подарок156240014206.07.2019 11:02:22
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goodХочу подарок 156049231414.06.2019 9:05:14
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