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Before buying, read the description of the product, and also read the rules: payment, receipt and solution of problems related to the product https://roor.ru !!!

🟨 Buying a product you get access to my account with the game (the account is shared, this will not affect your gameplay);
🟨 The game is possible only in offline mode (offline);
🟨 Activation takes place without third-party programs (after purchase);
🟨 Access remains yours, provided it is used on one PC (activation will disappear when you reinstall windows);
🟨 The game was purchased through the official store, which guarantees its constant availability;
🟨 All DLCs are available on the account;

🔴 The data on the account cannot be changed;
🔴 If the product did not suit you for any technical characteristics or you did not like the game, then claims will not be accepted;
🔴 Return of goods is not possible!
🔴 If you have any problems, do not rush to leave negative feedback, you will be answered as soon as possible;

How does activation take place:
1) Log into your account through the steam program on your pc!
2) Write to the seller that you need a code to enter
3) Download the game with all dlc
4) Enter offline and play

Additional Information

Special Edition will include new content for the story mode:
• Bank robbery and gang den
• Thoroughbred horse - black in dark apples
• Talisman and medallion with bonuses
• Increase statuses, cash bonuses and discounts in the game
• Costume shooter from Nuevo Paraiso

In addition, you will receive additional weapons in story mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2, a grand story of honor and fidelity at the dawn of the modern era, has received more than 175 awards and 250 top marks from gaming publications.


Customer reviews

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goodFast and reliable seller, can recommend.165028809818.04.2022 16:21:38
goodgood164923542906.04.2022 11:57:09
goodВсё норм164657510406.03.2022 16:58:24
badIt is asking me Authorization Code from sellers email and nobody texting me I started chat with seller but yet there´s nothing 163503495824.10.2021 3:22:38
goodGood Seller162054158409.05.2021 9:26:24
goodхороший сайт161452162628.02.2021 17:13:46
goodПродавец долго отвечает, но в целом ответил все хорошо код прислал.161406390923.02.2021 10:05:09
goodвсё хорошо161303896011.02.2021 13:22:40
goodvery helpful, easy to understand 161080722816.01.2021 17:27:08
goodвсе честно160638735126.11.2020 13:42:31
goodХороший сайт160560223017.11.2020 11:37:10
goodХороший продавец.160474214407.11.2020 12:42:24
goodeverything works okay, fast response 160326655021.10.2020 10:49:10
bad5 days and i still cant get the code for steam authentication...160312705219.10.2020 20:04:12
goodBest seller !160291616917.10.2020 9:29:29
goodGame works and currently playing! Seller is good and approved! Recommended!160288360317.10.2020 0:26:43
goodreally thx!160231348910.10.2020 10:04:49
goodFinished the game, Everything is perfect!160227316809.10.2020 22:52:48
goodСначала не понял как зайти потом продавец все обьяснил,советую к покупке160217504808.10.2020 19:37:28
goodвсе отлично в аккаунт зашел160207773507.10.2020 16:35:35
goodgood160190538905.10.2020 16:43:09
goodVery good person I recommend160163799902.10.2020 14:26:39
goodA great seller, related person and fast turnaround160153977701.10.2020 11:09:37
goodVery quick message and good product160124195928.09.2020 0:25:59
goodNo way guys ! so super super fast I recommend him really <3 160122340727.09.2020 19:16:47
goodРекомендую. 160059378320.09.2020 12:23:03
goodВсе работает, без обмана, берите смело. Продавец ответил сразу же несмотря, на то что написал в час ночи, так быстро доступ к игре я еще не получал на этом сайте. Единственное, жаль что невозможно поиграть онлайн, но зато цена почти вдвое меньше чем у остальных160053255619.09.2020 19:22:36
goodвсе хорошо , и честно 159992223012.09.2020 17:50:30
goodЗашёл на аккаунт, буду скачивать игру 159984686211.09.2020 20:54:22
goodVery good and fast response!! THANKS!!159819014623.08.2020 16:42:26
goodnice seller fast response159700570109.08.2020 23:41:41
goodвсё работает! отличный продавец, всегда быстро отвечает 159655877104.08.2020 19:32:51
goodВсе работает. Продавец отличный! Рекомендую!!!159630024001.08.2020 19:44:00
goodHelpfull.159473895614.07.2020 18:02:36
goodGame is downloading. Fast response. Good Seller, always helps.159447330411.07.2020 16:15:04
goodPretty good for offline use159355052030.06.2020 23:55:20
goodthx159347088530.06.2020 1:48:05
goodКод выслал, все работает!159282248222.06.2020 13:41:22
goodCheapest way to play rdr2. Good seller. 24/7 support.159243629018.06.2020 2:24:50
goodВсё хорошо, продавец Огонь!159193946812.06.2020 8:24:28
goodВсе работает отлично! продавец очень оперативно отвечает!159120916603.06.2020 21:32:46
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