Resident Evil Village Deluxe (Steam offline) Reg Free

Product: Resident Evil Village Deluxe (Steam offline) Reg Free
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Acceptance of bank cards and cryptocurrency is possible through the payment method ""✅ INSTANT delivery of goods immediately after purchase!🔥
✅ You independently activate an offline account on your PC at any time of the day or night without our participation.
✅ After purchase, you get the opportunity to complete the game without the risk of losing game progress.
✅ The ability to download the game from our Steam account directly, ignoring torrents and third-party sites.
✅ Our account with the game has no regional restrictions.
✅ There are no time limits for the passage of the game.
✅ Doesn't interfere with your main Steam account, you can play your games from your account.
Minuses:- Any online functions of the game are not available in this mode.
- You cannot update the game yourself, transfer Steam to online mode.
- Activation fails when reinstalling / updating Windows, replacing game files, uninstalling a game, changing computer components.Pros:- The cost of the game is several times lower than in the official Steam store.
- The account will never be banned, because you will play from our (purchased) account.
- You get the freshest patches (updates) at the time you activate the game.
- Installing new drivers on the video card does not break the offline account performance.
Game activation instructions:Detailed instructions for setting up Steam in offline mode will be issued after purchasing the product
The account will be logged in through the DG_SteamActivator.exe application.
Due to the technical features of the software, it is possible that the activator is mistakenly identified by some antiviruses as malware. By purchasing a product, you agree to ensure the operability of the activator by adding the file to the exceptions in any of the conflicting software, or disabling it at the time of activation.
🔴IMPORTANT INFORMATION:- Account for offline use only.
- Account data transfer prohibited.
- Any modification of account data is strictly prohibited..
- One activation - 1 PC.
- You need to activate the game within 24 hours from the date of purchase.
- After activating the "DG_SteamActivator key", a refund for the purchase is not possible.
- Updates / patches are paid separately.
- Activation is not possible to play through PlayKey, GFN, Google Stadia, Loudplay, Drova and other cloud services.
- Assistance in solving problems with the product for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase (only activation questions).
Any failure to comply with these conditions will result in a denial of service without a refund for the purchase.
If for some reason you did not receive the goods after payment, go to the link and enter the mail specified when purchasing the goods.In case of problems, write to the seller in the section "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" on the trading platform and wait for his answer.🎁 For leaving positive feedback after the purchase, you will receive a gift card worth 10% of the value of the goods.

Additional Information

Before ordering Offline activation, check your PC for compliance with the minimum system requirements of the game you are interested in. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements of the game, then we are not responsible for the product you purchase. Minimum system requirements:ОS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 / Intel Core i5-7500
Video Card: AMD Radeon RX 560 with 4GB VRAM / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB VRAM
HDD: 30 GB


Customer reviews

Type Review Date
goodСпасибо, продавец очень отзывчивый!163208475819.09.2021 23:52:38
goodотличный продавец все работает162480571027.06.2021 17:55:10
goodБлагодарю за игру, всё пошло отлично без проблем.162361239913.06.2021 22:26:39
goodВ моём регионе игра была не доступна, написал продавцу, через 30 мин. он отвтил, и всё пошло. Моя 5-тая покупка здесь. Спасибо :)162282138604.06.2021 18:43:06
goodКупил оффлайн активацию, код пришёл моментально после оплаты. Позже были некоторые проблемы с активацией, но селлер помог и всё быстро решилось. Рекомендую к приобретению!162189751825.05.2021 2:05:18
goodПродавец лучший))162176429823.05.2021 13:04:58
goodВсё отлично. Уже не раз тут покупаю оффлайн активацию, всё отлично!162159415721.05.2021 13:49:17
goodигра вылетает после в начале игры после звонка итану (хз в чем проблема)162146026920.05.2021 0:37:49
goodВсе супер, работает, спасибо.162132633318.05.2021 11:25:33
goodПрекрасный продавец, я сначала не сразу разобрался, как и что делать в некоторых моментах, продавец всё подсказал, помог. Так же вылазили различные ошибки, не мог долго поиграть, продавец решил проблему и даже поменял аккаунт, когда высветилась определенная ошибка. Игра вообще огонь, максимально интересная и атмосферная. Продавцу огромное спасибо!)162118403816.05.2021 19:53:58
goodбыли проблемы но продавец решил:) наконец поиграю)162115287416.05.2021 11:14:34
goodКупил и прошел игру. Все супер! Спасибо большое всем причастным к этому проекту. Респект и уважуха. буду постоянным клиентом. 162103596415.05.2021 2:46:04
goodbest162102375414.05.2021 23:22:34
goodВсе работает, респект продавцу162070826811.05.2021 7:44:28
goodвсе прекрасно без проблем рекомендую 162065564310.05.2021 17:07:23
goodВсе отлично, люблю автоактивации. Купил -> Получил steam password -> авторизовался -> с библиотеки скачал RE Village -> перешел в оффлайн -> Играешь! PS - Мышка действительно сама двигаться начинает, как будто кто-то подключается. 162064801810.05.2021 15:00:18
goodReceived everything after payment but havent tested anything. Leaving a positive review so far.162057265909.05.2021 18:04:19
goodНет слов, одни эмоции162040951907.05.2021 20:45:19
goodотлично как и всегда. уже качается игра.162040683707.05.2021 20:00:37
goodвсё отлично)162039432607.05.2021 16:32:06
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