BRAWL STARS πŸ’Ž [3-4 Mythics] Warranty + Inactive +🎁

Product: BRAWL STARS πŸ’Ž [3-4 Mythics] Warranty + Inactive +🎁
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Accounts are issued within 48 hours after purchase.

After purchase, you get a Brawl Stars account with 3-4 Mythics. The data is issued from the mail that is linked to the account. A phone number can be attached to the mail. You can change the password anyway.

Product warranty - 7 days from the date of purchase.

For a positive review after purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a gift:
BRAWL STARS account [100 - 50,000 trophies] is completely free. To do this, leave a good review with the message "Gift", after which you will be contacted to issue an account.

βœ… Your account will have at least 3 Mythics.
βœ… In 90% of cases, the number of Mythics will be more than 3.
βœ… The lowest price on the market.
βœ… Account platform - Supercell (Android + IOS).
βœ… This randomness often contains legendary, high trophies, skins, passives, gadgets, gems, etc.

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